Century Rehabilitation: Recruiting expertise keeps health care alive in the capital city [sponsored]

    (From left) Richard Pellerin, President, and Tammy Tuminaro, CEO

    President and founder Richard Pellerin started Century Rehabilitation in 1999 as a contract therapy management company to help provide healthcare groups with physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology in long-term care facilities. He then quickly expanded services to include healthcare recruiting, and complete facility and clinical consulting services for skilled nursing and outpatient facilities.

    Since 2020, one of the many disruptions that Pellerin and the team at Century Rehab have seen in the healthcare industry is the tremendous staff shortage in all levels of healthcare workers. Following the pandemic, a large number of healthcare workers retired, and with the post-Covid wage gap and international move toward more flexible work options, many healthcare workers made the decision to change careers.

    “In addition to traditional roles that we all associate with healthcare like doctors and nurses, today’s labor shortage includes a huge population of other workers like Certified Nursing Assistants and dietary employees who can become accredited more easily,” said Pellerin. “The tremendous staff shortage we’re seeing nationwide means that almost every industry—including healthcare—is struggling to fill employee positions that they’ve never had to recruit for in the past. For the first time in my career, healthcare facilities are having to fill so many positions that they are requesting our help to recruit for all of them—
    not just therapists.”

    With 24 years of recruiting experience, Pellerin and his team have been able to put their skills and contacts to work for existing clients in addition to helping new ones. From nursing homes to urgent care centers, healthcare facilities are benefiting from the organization’s relationships around the nation, hiring qualified, eager candidates from Portland to Florida.

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