Car dealer cyberattack stretches into a second week

    The outage of popular car dealer operations software CDK has reached into a second week after a cybersecurity attack last week took the software offline, The Wall Street Journal reports. 

    Since the attacks, announced Wednesday, car dealers across the nation—including some in Baton Rouge—have rolled back the technological clock and returned to workarounds such as spreadsheets and pen-and-paper to keep track of sales, repairs and orders. CDK provides its software to nearly 15,000 car dealer locations nationwide, according to reports. 

    The cyberattack has exposed a widespread dependency on little-known software that can handle a range of functions at car dealerships, from managing websites and connecting telephones to tracking inventory and figuring out what forms the banks will require for car loans.

    A CDK statement on Saturday said it was recovering from a “cyber ransom event,” suggesting a ransomware attack, which involves hackers seizing control of a company’s computer systems or data until a ransom is paid. It’s currently unclear when the software will go back online however, with CDK officials repeating it would be “several days.”

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