‘Business Report’ Publisher: Choose solutions on Dec. 8 ballot

    Business Report Publisher Rolfe McCollister explains his endorsements for certain measures and candidates on Saturday’s ballot in his latest column, including the MovEBR roads tax and Bridge Center mental health tax—both of which he’s supporting.

    Regarding MovEBR, McCollister compares the situation to an old Fram oil filter commercial in which a mechanic says, “It’s your choice—you can pay me now, or pay me later” when talking about preventative maintenance versus costly repairs.

    “One could argue we did not maintain our infrastructure by paying for it in the past—so now we are faced with paying much more later to fix the problem,” McCollister writes.

    The MovEBR proposal is a half-cent sales tax for 30 years and raise about $912 million; that will be combined with $200 million in federal funds for $1.1 billion in improvements. There are more than 60 road projects the plan will address—many long overdue—that can help relieve our reliance on the interstates and improve the flow on surface streets, McCollister says.

    “While everyone hates traffic, some are just fed up with taxes, particularly ones passed recently,” he writes. “I’m angry, too. But do I cut off my nose to spite my face?”

    Read the full column for all of McCollister’s endorsements, including his support of the mental health tax as well as his picks for the Secretary of State, City Constable and school board races.

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