BRAC urges locals to ‘Think BR’ in new ad campaign

    The Baton Rouge Area Chamber has launched a new ad campaign designed to remind local residents and business owners of the positive reasons for living and working in the Capital Region.

    Billed as “Think Baton Rouge,” the campaign features testimonials with several Baton Rouge professionals—an IBM consultant, Ochsner physician, chamber of commerce director and small business owner—who explain why they’re glad they moved to or stayed in Baton Rouge.

    The spots began airing on local TV, radio and billboards during the recent holidays and will continue intermittently through 2017.

    “The big picture of the campaign is to allow residents and business owners in the Capital Region to tell their Baton Rouge stories—why they live here, why they love it,” says Kelly Bienn, who spearheaded the campaign for BRAC. “We have so many people here that are non-native, or who were born and raised here, moved away, and made the decision to return. We hear their stories all the time at BRAC, and realized that the greater public probably doesn’t.”

    BRAC President and CEO Adam Knapp says the campaign will tie into one of the organization’s key initiatives, which is workforce development. Reinforcing among locals the positive reasons for being here will make it easier to attract others to the area, he says.

    “One thing we have heard is it is very hard to break in here and for newcomers to integrate so this is to dispel those myths,” he says. “This campaign starts by focusing inward and then will move outward as well.”

    Launch Media and Feigley Communications worked with BRAC on the creative for the campaign. BRAC’s media members donated free space and air time for the spots as part of their annual contributions to the organization.

    —Stephanie Riegel

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