Bill strengthening laws against misleading seafood labeling passes

    Lawmakers passed sweeping changes to public health codes on Wednesday in an effort to protect Louisiana’s struggling domestic seafood industry, Louisiana Illuminator reports.

    Senate Bill 166, introduced by state Sen. Patrick Connick, R-Marrero, aims to strengthen Louisiana’s seafood labeling laws with new protections against misleading marketing and new requirements for restaurants that serve crawfish and shrimp.

    Cheap foreign catch—particularly crawfish and shrimp—has flooded the market in Louisiana. Most restaurants in the state serve imported crawfish or shrimp to patrons who may mistakenly believe that they are eating local fare. To make matters worse, a 2020 LSU AgCenter study found banned veterinary drugs in more than two-thirds of imported shrimp samples purchased in the Capital Region.

    The legislation, which would affect thousands of food trucks, grocery stores, restaurants and other establishments across Louisiana, now heads to the desk of Gov. Jeff Landry for signature.

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