Baton Rouge working on scooter sharing regulations

    The city-parish intends to regulate any scooter sharing program that launches in Baton Rouge, Downtown Development Director Davis Rhorer announced at this morning’s DDD meeting.

    The Parish Attorney’s Office is working with Mayor Sharon Weston Broome’s administration, DDD officials and multiple Metro Council members to establish the regulations. One ordinance being considered would limit the scooters to street use and ban them from riding on sidewalks.

    Rhorer says they would also like to ensure that scooters won’t be lying in sidewalks while not in use, which could impede pedestrian traffic flow and become an American with Disabilities Act issue.

    “The scooter phenomenon kind of takes over sidewalks,” Rhorer says.

    Rhorer expects the regulations to roll out in a couple of months.

    Electric scooter-sharing company Bird expanded into Louisiana in November, launching its first fleet of scooters in Lafayette. At the time of its launch, company representatives told Daily Report they’d like to bring their scooters to Baton Rouge but had no expansion plans to announce.

    Bird isn’t the only company looking to launch scooter sharing in Baton Rouge. Gotcha—the South Carolina bikeshare company the city-parish selected to implement its bikeshare program this spring—has expressed its interest in launching its own scooter sharing program in the city as well.

    Bird and Gotcha have both agreed to not launch in Baton Rouge until regulations are in place, Rhorer says.


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