Autumn might be the best time to start a new business

    If you’re planning to start a business shortly, you should consider moving the start date to September, because, on average, people get far more work accomplished during autumn than any other season, reports.

    The task-management software company Redbooth compiled data from 1.8 million projects and 28 million tasks over a four-year period. Some of the these findings include:

    • Monday is the most productive day of the workweek.
    • Friday is the least productive day of the workweek (but not by much).
    • Work activity peaks at 11 a.m. and starts declining after lunch, and even though most people are still at work, productivity nose-dives after 4 p.m.

    While it’s interesting to see statistical proof, most people intuitively know all of that. What’s surprising, though, is that there’s a huge variation in productivity according to season. According to the data, the average worker is

    • 20% more productive in autumn than in winter.
    • 11% more productive in autumn than in spring.
    • 7% more productive in autumn than summer.

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