Attracting talent, expanding skill sets among keys to companies’ future success

    If companies want to thrive in the future, they should focus on three key areas that experts say “require immediate and intentional action,” Inc. reports.

    In the quest for talent amid a nationwide labor shortage, organizations should reassess two large demographic groups that are underutilized in the current workforce: People with disabilities, and people over 55 years old. To attract these untapped talent pools, organizations must create accessible, inclusive environments where these employees can flourish.

    To improve employee trust, executives must also balance transparent data use and data privacy. They can achieve this by leaning on their HR departments to help ensure the proper systems are in place, and by explaining to their workers why data is being gathered on their performance and how they can access the information to learn from it.

    Finally, CEOs should give employees opportunities to expand their skill sets, building adaptability and resilience directly into their workforces.

    “Employees consistently say that growth opportunities are one of the biggest factors in whether they will stay with their employers,” says Cecile Alper-Leroux, VP of human capital management at Ultimate Software. “HR teams will need to lead the way in providing more of these exploratory learning opportunities for employees, and executives will need to work with HR to find ways to effectively measure the impact of these adaptive skills.” 

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