Amid national championship hype, LSU sees spike in applications

    It’s only been days since LSU defeated Clemson in the College Football Playoff National Championship, but the university has already seen a 5.1% rise in enrollment applications within the past week.

    University officials say interest in LSU has been up since the beginning of August, when the Tigers began an undefeated, record-breaking football season, which ended Monday night after a high-profile national championship win and was preceded by a Heisman Trophy for quarterback Joe Burrow and an Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year Award for Ed Orgeron.

    To compare how much interest in LSU has grown within the past year, the LSU Office of Enrollment Management pulled data from the week before and after last year’s Fiesta Bowl victory over the University of Central Florida and compared that spike in applications to the uptick seen within the week before and after Monday’s national championship game (from last Thursday until today).

    During the Fiesta Bowl period, LSU saw a 4.3% rise in the number of applications, whereas for the national championship game, the university has seen an increase of about 5.1%, according to data provided by LSU spokesman Ernie Ballard, translating to a little more than 200 additional applications.

    LSU officials have also been waiting to see whether out-of-state interest in LSU has grown, which has historically been the case after strong football seasons. So far, out-of-state applications comprise approximately two-thirds of overall submissions, says Ballard, which has been roughly the same portion of the pool over the past three years.

    It’s not immediately clear how many fall 2020 enrollment applications LSU has received so far, but the deadline is coming up Feb. 1. For the fall 2019 semester, LSU collected 24,501 applications and enrolled a record-breaking class of 6,126 freshmen.

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