Amerigroup renames Medicaid plan as part of Blue Cross partnership

Managed care provider Amerigroup Louisiana is rebranding its Medicaid plan to Healthy Blue in the coming months as part of a partnership with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana.

“After combining the expertise of two best-in-class industry leaders, we moved quickly to arm our Medicaid members with the familiarity and strength carried by our state’s most recognizable brand,” Amerigroup Louisiana President Aaron Lambert says in a statement issued this morning.

The move won’t change any of the services, but the 235,000 Medicaid recipients who are customers of Amerigroup will get new Healthy Blue member cards before Sept. 1, when the name change goes into effect. Blue Cross, which is the largest insurer in Louisiana, covers more than 1.5 million residents, according to the statement.

Amerigroup and Blue Cross officially entered into the partnership in March. Gov. John Bel Edwards last year expanded Medicaid—which provides health insurance to low-income people—under the Affordable Care Act to cover several hundred thousand residents.

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