Americans have higher hopes for prosperity than peace in 2019

    Americans are generally optimistic about the nation’s employment levels and stock market performance in 2019, even as most are pessimistic about the prospects for political cooperation and world peace.

    According to a new Gallup poll, the public is also more negative than positive about the direction of the U.S. crime rate but evenly split in its outlook for economic prosperity and the trajectory of U.S. global power.

    Conducted between Dec. 3-12, the poll asked Americans to predict the direction that each of seven aspects of the country or world will take this year. See the full poll results. Among the results in each category:

    • Employment: 59% positive, 39% negative
    • Stock market: 54% positive, 43% negative
    • Economy: 49% positive, 49% negative
    • U.S. global power: 49% positive, 49% negative
    • Crime rate: 41% positive, 57% negative
    • World peace: 28% positive, 70% negative
    • Political cooperation: 11% positive, 87% negative

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