Alford: They said it in 2018

    Editor’s note: This story has been updated since original publication. An earlier version misattributed a quote to Rep. Garret Graves.

    Remember 2018? As Jeremy Alford recalls in his new column, the year was punctuated with “four different seasons that appeared sporadically in some order or another … a period of time when the Legislature kept meeting, and then the Saints kept winning, and the surpluses kept coming.”

    Acknowledging that many people “are trying to forget the year that was,” Alford says 2018 wasn’t all that bad.

    “For LaPolitics, an online political trade publication founded by late author and reporter John Maginnis, it was our 25th year of collecting smart-alec one-liners, unexpected soundbites and predictable-yet-entertaining drivel for a weekly compendium called ‘They Said It,’” Alford writes.

    At the conclusion of each regular session—or special session, depending on when the Capitol rests—and at the end of each year, these compendiums are filtered for a sampling of the best that passed the test.

    These are quotes from lawmakers, members of Congress, lobbyists, department heads, candidates, consultants, pollsters, statewide elected officials, reporters and others who make, spend or waste money on Louisiana politics. Read the full column for the full “They Said It,” best of 2018 edition. Here’s a sample of what you’ll find:

    “They must have been smoking some of Willie’s dope.” —U.S. Sen. John Kennedy, commenting on public support for Democrats by Willie Nelson and Taylor Swift, in The Advocate. 

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