Alford: The anything-can-happen election

    For the past 28 years, Louisiana’s incoming governors have alternated party labels four times, Jeremy Alford notes in his new column.

    “From the perch of 2019, looking back over those years, the regular partisan swaps look like a never-ending tennis game,” Alford writes.

    “The giant yellow ball went from Democrat Edwin Edwards of Crowley to Republican Mike Foster, and then from Democrat Kathleen Blanco to Republican Bobby Jindal, who eventually lobbed the governorship to Democrat John Bel Edwards of Amite.”

    Shaped by hurricanes, poverty, outmigration and other factors, the various electorates from 1991 through this current term of state government provided Louisiana with five strikingly different personalities to live in the Governor’s Mansion, Alford says.

    “But who will be next? Isn’t that what we really want to know?” Alford asks, adding that based on nearly three decades of voting, it could literally be anyone.

    Read the full column, in which Alford analyzes the votes to show what it took for each of the last five governors to win their races.

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