Advertising industry steering clear of political fray

    As the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump begins this week, advertisers are steering clear of any politically leaning messages. 

    The advertising environment has shifted from election puns and former TV president guest stars to one where companies no longer see an upside in weighing in on politics, and instread are activley working to keep advertisements away from political talk, The New York Times reports.   

    “Even free expression is a challenge right now. People are holding their hands over their eyes and ears a little bit. This is not the moment for advertisers to take risks,” says Ellis Verdi, the president of the ad agency DeVito/Verdi.

    In the digital sphere, companies are also asking that their ads be located far from campaign messages and any mention of buzzwords like “Russia,” “Ukraine,” “election“ and “impeachment,” to avoid any association. 

    While some avoid the topic over a fear of the growing political divide, and alienating potential customers, others are just tired of the 24-hour news cycle.

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