Local candle and ceramics company sells goods that benefit pollinators

    Wanting to shed light on the importance of pollinators in people’s everyday lives, Lauren Strain a few months ago launched Pollumination—a Baton Rouge-based, eco-friendly business selling candles in flower pots that could be repurposed to plant flowers. 

    “People don’t realize the effect that pollination has on the environment,” Strain says. “One out of every three bites of food is there because of pollinators. They’re in decline right now because of pesticides, loss of habitat and climate change. So if we don’t have bees, butterflies and all these different species that pollinate, we don’t have fresh fruits and vegetables.” 

    Since its launch in September 2019, Strain has expanded her business’ scope to sell flower pot candles, mugs, tumblers, jewelry trays, vases and Baton Rouge-themed plates and platters, all of which Strain sells online and at local makers markets. Each piece has an image of a pollinator insect.

    A portion of the proceeds are donated to San Francisco nonprofit Pollinator Partnership, an organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of pollinators and their ecosystems.

    In the future, Strain plans to launch a bridal line that will include custom ceramic wedding favors, bridal party boxes and cake cutters. This year, she will expand her at-home workspace to create a small shop where local residents can purchase her products in person.

    Read the full feature on Strain’s business in 225 Magazine.

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