‘225 Dine:’ Shroomin’ in Baton Rouge

    One of the most interesting additions to the Baton Rouge food universe, 225 reports, is the availability of farm-raised gourmet mushrooms.  

    This month, Mushroom Maggie’s, a Red Stick Farmers Market vendor, will have a wide variety of mushrooms to get you started with your healthy eating goals.

    Husband-wife team of Maggie Long and Cyrus Lester, who run the farm, say they’ll bring the following varieties to the market:

    • Pioppino: Firm, mellow and nutty; try in soups, sauces and stews
    • Shiitake: Buttery and meaty; great for stir-frying
    • Chestnut: Mild and versatile; use on pizza or in omelets
    • Lion’s Mane: Mild, sweet with a slight crab flavor; add to crab cakes or seafood pasta
    • King Trumpet (also known as King Oyster): Mellow seafood flavor; great for grilling or sautéing
    • Oyster (Italian and Grey): Umami flavor makes this super versatile; try in Asian-inspired soups

    The mushroom’s health benefits are much extolled these days, and its culinary applications are endless. Read the full story for recipe ideas, and sign up for the free 225 Dine e-newsletter to get your fill of local culinary news each week.

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