‘225 Dine:’ Lift your spirits with Baton Rouge’s newest distillery

    Louisianans are well-versed in letting the good times roll, and now they can let it pour with Baton Rouge’s newest distillery.

    As 225 reports, Laissez Versez was founded by business partners John Verrett and John Hampton, and aims to bring the city a new line of high-quality spirits distilled in the Capital Region.

    The duo initially focused on whiskey production but has added three flavored liqueurs—blueberry, cinnamon and coffee—to the lineup.

    “Everything starts with the highest quality ethanol we can make,” says Verrett, a 30-year former engineer. “In general, this population drinks whiskey. They’re more willing to taste it and try it, but the real test will be if you come back and buy that second and third one, because they’re unique.”

    It’s a small-scale process at the moment, producing 24 or 25 gallon batches at a time that typically take three to six weeks from production to bottling.

    For now, customers can snag a bottle from the distillery at 14141 Airline Hwy., but Verrett plans on introducing the product to local grocery stores and bars in the coming months.

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