You should have a COVID-19 plan at work in case you get sick 

    Most businesses are moving toward more normal operations at the same time as the number of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. continues to hold steady, so both employers and employees need to have a plan in case they get sick. 

    If you do get sick, you certainly won’t be able to go to the office, Fast Company reports, and you might be sick enough that you will be unable to work for several weeks. That means that you need to have a COVID-19 plan that ensures continuity of work. Here’s some things to keep in mind: 

    Create a shared document—List the most significant projects you’re working on and your role in each of those projects. Then, find a colleague who could take on that responsibility if you’re not able to work. Find out what information they would need to be able to push those projects forward. Set up a shared document, and make sure that you update it at least weekly to ensure that someone could pick up on a project in your absence. Try to distribute the tasks you have to several different people. Most organizations don’t have a lot of extra staff, so you won’t be able to dump your entire workload on another person.

    Create a companywide plan—Talk with your colleagues so that any work is distributed fairly and certain people don’t get saddled with too much. 

    Get manager buy-in—Supervisors should look over these plans so they understand what will happen if someone gets sick. Read the full story.  

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