Yelp now posting health scores for restaurants

    Review platform Yelp has launched a health feature that allows users to not only read reviews about service and food quality, but also how the restaurant fares in its safety inspections, WAFB-TV reports.

    Yelp began displaying health scores for Louisiana restaurants on Wednesday after announcing the feature would begin a national rollout earlier this year.

    HDScores is partnering with Yelp to display the health score, ranging from 0 to 100, by collecting public data from health departments. HDScores calculates its rating based on past inspection results because health departments only note violations and do not give out scores.

    For example, Elsie’s Plate and Pie on Government Street received 84 out of 100, while India’s Restaurant on Essen Lane got 20 out of 100.

    Yelp says it aims to provide users more information before deciding where to eat, adding that it could decrease the number of hospitalizations due to foodborne illness. Read the full story.

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