Would you pay $30 a month to check your email? 

    The buzziest start-up in San Francisco right now is an expensive email app called Superhuman. It’s an invitation-only service that costs $30 a month and promises “the fastest email experience ever made,” The New York Times reports. 

    The app is rumored to have a waiting list of more than 100,000 people and its support among fans borders on evangelical. 

    Some of the app’s features—such as ones that let users undo sending, track when their emails are opened and automatically pull up a contact’s LinkedIn profile—are available in other third-party email plug-ins. But there are bells and whistles that aren’t commonly available. Like “instant intro,” which moves the sender of an introductory email to bcc, saving you from having to manually re-enter that person’s address. Or the scheduling feature, which sees that you’re typing “next Tuesday” and automatically pulls up your calendar for that day.

    These features will appeal most to power users who spend most of their day typing on a laptop or desktop. Every command has a keyboard shortcut, so a busy worker never has to waste precious seconds reaching for the mouse.  

    “When you’re doing three-plus hours of email every day, it’s your job,” founder Rahul Vohra says. “And every single other job has a tool that makes you do it faster.” 

    In truth, Superhuman’s biggest obstacle may be that most people aren’t power emailers. For the average person, a super-premium email experience would be worth the cost only if it automatically read and wrote messages, scheduled meetings, ordered lunch and filed your taxes. Read the full story. 

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