Three things to do on Friday to make the weekend easier 

     We’ve all wasted too many weekend hours by letting stressful thoughts about work creep in how. To help save the weekends, several productivity powerhouse CEOs recently gave to CNBC’s Make It some suggestions for Friday preparations, Inc. reports. 

    When the suggestions are taken as a collection, it’s a powerful prescription for changing the tone of your Saturdays and Sundays, for the better.

    1. Think of the weekend like a vacation. What would you finish before heading out? Try to think about the top priorities that must progress, and take care of a few tasks to ensure they do, like follow up emails or scheduling meetings. Yuri Elkaim, founder and CEO of Healthpreneur, takes it so far as to write all of his e-mails on Friday for the following week.

    2. Write next week’s to-do (and to-don’t) list. Guy Sheetrit, CEO of Over the Top SEO, says his weekend stress often is about how much work you have to do, so it helps to plan out the week ahead, break it down into chunks and then prioritize it all.

    3. Micro-goals: Set them for next week, finish them for this week. Both Andres Pira and Will Kleidon, CEOs of Blue Horizon Developments and Ojai Energetics respectively, believe in setting and accomplishing weekly goals. Jotting down these micro-goals is a natural complement to the to-do list that you’ll be writing anyway. Start with your micro-goals and make sure the to-do list supports/advances the completion of those goals.

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