Some polling places may be changed due to outages from Hurricane Zeta  

    Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards said it’s likely some voters won’t be able to cast ballots Tuesday at their normal polling places after Hurricane Zeta left widespread power outages and some structural damage in its wake, The News Star reports.  

    “It’s too early to say which polling places will not be in service Tuesday, but we’re working to identify them quickly so we have the opportunity to establish alternative locations and communicate that to voters,” Edwards said Friday. “But I’m fairly confident we will have some voters who won’t be able to vote at their normal polling places.”

    Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin, Louisiana’s chief elections officer, is assessing what polling places might be affected through parish clerks of court.

    “The secretary of state’s office is working in close coordination with local officials to assess the damage sustained by our election partners and infrastructure, including registrar of voters offices, clerk of court offices, warehouses and polling locations,” Ardoin said Thursday. 

    Edwards and Ardoin’s spokesman said it will likely be Saturday before a full assessment can be made.

    “We hope that it’s in as few places as possible,” Edwards said of moving polling places. “We’re going to be working very hard to make sure that doesn’t happen more than necessary.” Meanwhile, about 326,000 homes and businesses remained without power Friday, down from more than 500,000 when the 110-mph Category 2 Hurricane Zeta ripped through southeastern Louisiana Wednesday. Read the full story