Roundup: New Baton Rouge talk show / LSU AgCenter gets $1M / Flu season rebounds

    From podcast to broadcast: Baton Rouge-produced podcast and radio talk show “Glitter & Gossip” will air its first TV episode on Tuesday at 8 p.m. on Pelican Broadcasting (KPBN-LP) via Cox channel 113 or 1013HD, AT&T U-Verse channel 11. The show features Baton Rouge residents Kelli Hutchinson-Chappuis, Kristi Langlois, Kelly Mentel, and Jennifer Myers. Like its sister radio and podcast, the TV show will be broken down into segments and feature special guests. Read the full announcement.   

    Wetlands research funding: Scientists at the LSU AgCenter have received $1 million to study a plant that could help hold Louisiana wetlands in place. The funding from the federal appropriations bill passed in February will allow the AgCenter to research biological threats to Roseau cane. This cane plant is normally one of the most erosion-resistant marsh plants on the coast, but it has been dying off recently, leaving open water. Read the full story.   

    Wash your hands: A recent jump in flu cases reported across Louisiana has been linked to the emergence of a second virulent flu strain. The two dominant flu strains this year are the same ones as the previous flu season, which led to about 16,000 hospitalizations and 6,000 deaths in Louisiana alone. There have been 7,000 hospitalizations in Louisiana so far this season and 700 deaths, according to the state Health Department. During a typical year the death rate averages between 500 and 600 by the end of flu season. Read the full story.

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