Roundup: Dawson Creek / Nursing home spike / Crawfish abound

    Rising water: Recent flooding prompted a private meeting between residents living along a stretch of Dawson Creek near Acadian Thruway and city-parish leaders. Transportation and Drainage Director Fred Raiford told residents Tuesday evening that improvements to the creek are coming. Five major creeks in East Baton Rouge Parish are scheduled to be cleaned and improved by 2022. Read more. 

    Brace yourself: The results of a six-year study by Georgetown University Medical Center revealed just how fast U.S. nursing home prices have been increasing across America—and the future looks just as grim. Read more.  

    Silver lining: This year’s crawfish season might stretch just a little bit longer thanks to an unexpected find—crawfish by the thousands being harvested on the east bank of Plaquemines Parish. The extremely high Mississippi River led to this year’s bounty, but commercial seafood fishermen say it shows the potential for a system that would be more fresh if the state follows through with plans to build larger river diversions on both banks of the Mississippi. Read more.

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