Roundup: Birth control ruling / Rouses delivery / US vacancy rates 

    Opt-out: More employers who cite religious or moral grounds can decline to offer cost-free birth control coverage to their workers, the Supreme Court ruled today, upholding Trump administration rules that could leave more than 70,000 women without free contraception. The high court ruled 7-2 for the administration, which had made a policy change to allow some employers to opt out of providing the no-cost birth control required by the Obama-era health care law. Lower courts had previously blocked the Trump administration’s changes. Read the full story.   

    Drones: Rouses Market announced today it plans to begin testing an unmanned grocery delivery pilot in the fall, WAFB-TV reports.  The family-owned grocery chain has 64 stores in Gulf Coast states. The testing will take place in Mobile, Alabama, through a partnership with Deuce Drone, an e-commerce fulfillment company. Read the full story.  

    Work from home: U.S. office and apartment vacancy rates rose marginally in the second quarter from a year earlier, as property owners were yet to feel the full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Reuters reports. The U.S. office vacancy rate rose to 17.1% in the second quarter from 16.8% a year earlier, while the U.S. apartment vacancy rate inched up to 4.8% from 4.6%. Read the full story. 

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