Roundup: Ballot amendment / Courtroom analysis / Runoff endorsement 

    PAR guide: The Dec, 5 ballot contains yet one more constitutional amendment for Louisiana voters. This one deals with out-of-state members of college boards, according to the Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana. This latest proposal was adopted by the Legislature in 2020’s second special session. It passed on Oct. 21, too late to be included on the Nov. 3 ballot. See PAR’s latest guide to the amendment, which explains how it could affect Louisiana. 

    COVID-19 restrictions: If the House and Senate, together, giveth, can the House, alone, taketh away? That was the Louisiana constitutional question before a state judge in Baton Rouge last week in an online hearing that provided the public—those who could squeeze in, virtually, to an online courtroom—with an example of complex legal procedure and a refresher course in middle school civics as a judge ruled on Gov John Bel Edwards’ coronavirus restrictions. Read the Associated Press analysis of the case here.  

    Mayor’s race: Local businessman and former Republican candidate for East Baton Rouge Mayor-President Jordan Piazza has endorsed Steve Carter for mayor-president of East Baton Rouge Parish. “I’m endorsing Steve because I know that he is the candidate that’ll bring progress back to Baton Rouge,” Piazza says in a prepared statement. Piazza is the co-owner of Uncle Earl’s Bar on Perkins Road. The runoff election is Saturday, Dec. 5.