Riegel: Time for Baton Rouge to get smart on planning 

    Try to imagine what you’d be doing right now if a storm like Hurricane Dorian had decided to creep up the mouth of the Mississippi River and park itself over New Orleans or Baton Rouge or anywhere in southeast Louisiana. 

    You’d still be in storm recovery mode and perhaps living somewhere else, writes Business Report Editor Stephanie Riegel in her latest column. 

    It’s not only massive hurricanes and wet, meandering tropical systems that pose a particular threat to Baton Rouge. As we’ve learned over the past few years, unprecedented “rain events” now happen with alarming regularity and cause considerable damage.  

    Baton Rouge—and the rest of Louisiana—isn’t at all prepared to deal with the kind of disastrous weather that could hit.  

    Later this fall, the Center for Planning Excellence will devote its annual Smart Growth Summit to discussing the kinds of issues Louisiana is facing, and everybody who lives in south Louisiana should be there to hear the discussions. Those who spend their days regulating, planning, permitting, financing and doing development should be mandated to attend.  

    Read Riegel’s full column where she expounds on why the Smart Growth Summit is especially important this year.

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