Riegel: Baton Rouge loses another architectural gem

    Baton Rouge lost one of its residential architectural gems earlier this month. As Business Report Editor Stephanie Riegel writes in her new column, the former home of C.B. “Doc” Pennington, the optometrist-turned-oil tycoon, who was the richest man in Louisiana at the time of his death in 1999, was special.

    A quick glance might have found the structure to be rather unremarkable, if not outdated, but the classic ranch-style home on S. Acadian Thruway was an example of Mid-Century Modern architecture. The home, she writes, added diversity to Baton Rouge’s visual landscape and enhanced its sense of place.

    So what does the loss of the historic relic mean for Baton Rouge? Read the full column, where Riegel expands on Baton Rouge’s appreciation—or lack thereof—for historic architecture and our best hope for preserving historic homes. Send comments to editor@businessreport.com.

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