Louisiana earns a C on manufacturing report card

    Louisiana once again earned a C grade from Ball State University’s annual Manufacturing Scorecard, which aims to show how states rank in categories that may be of interest to site selection experts and the manufacturing and logistics industries. 

    The report both identifies strengths and weaknesses for the state as a whole, says Andrew Fitzgerald, senior director of business intelligence with BRAC, but may not be accurate of what’s going on in the Capital Region. 

    “There are some statewide issues that are correctly graded but this report doesn’t show how desirable Baton Rouge is for manufacturers,” Fitzgerald says.  

    He also criticized Ball State’s methodology for some of the categories. For human capital, for example, measurements were partly based on degrees awarded on a per capita basis, but Fitgerald contends that the state has put a greater focus on getting worker certifications, which doesn’t count as a degree. Louisiana was graded an F in human capital. 

    Here’s a breakdown of Louisiana’s 2019 report card:

    • Logistics: B
    • Worker benefit costs: C+
    • Tax climate: D+
    • Expected fiscal liability: C
    • Global reach: C
    • Sector diversification: D
    • Productivity and Innovation: D+
    • Human capital: F

    Louisiana maintained the same grades from last year in all categories except in worker cost benefit, which dropped from a B, and productivity and innovation, which rose from a D.

    Read the full report. 

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