Lipsey’s planning to expand Exchequer Drive warehouse

    Lipsey’s wants to add 24,000 square feet of warehouse space to its existing building on Exchequer Drive, according to a permit application filed last week with the Planning Commission.

    The wholesale firearms distributor is also proposing the addition of 45 standard parking spaces, which President and CEO Laurie Aronson says is the “primary reason” her company is trying to physically expand its headquarters.

    “It starts with a need for more parking, since we’re hiring so many more people at the office,” Aronson says. “Once you get into a major project like a new parking lot, you start asking, ‘How can we make our warehouse more efficient and streamline some of our processes?’” 

    Currently, the facility—located on Exchequer, near its intersection with Rieger Road—comprises 33,608 square feet of office space and 48,047 square feet of distribution space. 

    The additional 23,818 square feet would be attached to the warehouse portion for “storage, handling and shipping of finished product,” according to the permit application, bringing the building’s total square footage to 105,473. 

    Aronson says they hope to begin construction “as soon as possible,” though the parking lot will break ground first because the expanded warehouse will take away some of the property’s existing parking spots; however, there will still be a net gain, from 126 to 171 parking spaces.

    A larger warehouse will allow Lipsey’s, which broke ground on the building eight years ago, to take advantage of its warehouse management system through technological upgrades, store more equipment and improve processes through lean distribution methods, such as making boxes quicker. 

    “We’re in growth mode,” Aronson says. “In order to properly fuel our sales, we have to add more team members, but we’re always looking to improve our processes, whether there is a spike in demand or not.”

    The Planning Commission will take up the item at its Oct. 19 meeting