‘LaPolitics’: Elections approaching; Washington Mardi Gras canceled 

    Right around the corner: This past Wednesday was the final day to register to vote in person or by mail in the July 11 elections. That summer ballot will feature elections for presidential preference, state party posts, certain municipal positions and the special legislative election in House District 54 in Lafourche Parish. That July 11 ballot will likewise host a court of appeal race in the Covington area and a judicial district court seat that’s up for grabs in Baton Rouge. Early voting begins June 20 and will conclude in a rather patriotic way, on July 4. There is no Sunday voting, as usual, but an additional week of early voting has been added. There have been notable surges in early voting in recent cycles and election officials hope to see more of the same.

    Canceled: Call-out dances with masked krewe members you definitely don’t recognize, and maybe don’t know. Catching beads while social distancing. Waiting shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow revelers for a drink from the 65th Parish (which, of course, is the Washington Hilton bar that gets renamed each year for Louisiana travelers). None of this sounds appetizing in the age of COVID-19, which is why the leadership of Washington Mardi Gras has canceled the big bash in 2021. Talks have been ongoing with the hotel, sponsors and others for weeks. “It has been kind of intense, but given social distancing practices and what’s happening with the economy, we’ve had to look at things differently,” says lobbyist Tyron Picard, a senior lieutenant with the Mystick Krewe of Louisianians.

    They said it: “I hope somebody quotes that and gives it to the newspaper: He eats Republicans for breakfast and poops them out by lunch,”—Radio show host Moon Griffon’s take on the tort reform feud between the Gov. John Bel Edwards and the Legislature. 

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