JR Ball: Baton Rouge just fine with sexual harassment

    “We may not be tolerant when it comes to the LGBTQ community, but with sexual harassers it’s, ‘Give us your letches, your gropers, your huddled masses yearning to let their hands roam free.’”—Business Report Executive Editor JR Ball

    Harvey Weinstein would be right at home in Baton Rouge.

    The man who can’t keep his hands to himself would love to be in a place where the “Mad Men” days of ogling female co-workers not only remains a thing—but gets tacit approval, writes Business Report Executive Editor JR Ball.

    In his new column, Ball decries the actions—or inaction—of the Metro Council, former East Baton Rouge Parish Attorney Lea Anne Batson and her interim replacement Andy Dotson. Consequently, parish attorney Tedrick Knightshead continues to remain in good standing on the public payroll after allegedly harassing more than one colleague.

    Ball says he’s not sure what’s more disgusting: Knightshead sexually harassing a younger, female co-worker in 2016—repeatedly texting her about his desire to see her wear more revealing dresses to work while also requesting she send photographs of her modeling the outfits—or the downgrading of the charge to “inappropriate communications.”

    This entire city and parish should be hanging its head in collective shame over the situation. Read the full column about the Knightshead’s indiscretions and how they were mishandled. Send comments to editor@businessreport.com   

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