Great apps for on-the-go managers

    These days people live in their smartphones, and that includes company executives.

    Here are five apps, compiled by The Houston Chronicle, to help supercharge your digital capabilities on the go.

    • Expensify—This app recognizes merchants in receipts you scan, categorizing them to make filing expense reports easier. In some cases, Expensify works with merchants like Uber and Lyft to instantly import your receipts.  
    • CamCard—Essentially a digital Rolodex that scans business cards and automatically imports them into your cell phone contacts.
    • TripIt—Once you’ve booked your flight and received your confirmation email, forward the email to this app’s address and it will create a detailed travel itinerary so you know when and where you need to be.

    Read the full story for a few more handy apps.  

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