Giving children, parents options sparks In Loving Arms entrepreneur

    Renita Williams Thomas always wanted to change the lives of children. 

    As Business Report covers in its new Entrepreneur feature, she returned to college when she was 30 years old to earn her nursing degree, and later worked for OLOL Children’s Hospital, Capital City Family Health Center, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, and the Department of Health and Hospitals.

    Pediatric day cares for medically fragile children are relatively new to Louisiana, and Thomas helped open Pediatria Healthcare for Kids in 2011, which previously operated on Airline Highway. 

    “Once in the business, I fell in love with the concept, but my vision was different,” Thomas says. 

     After only eight months with the company, she decided her philosophical differences were too large to ignore, so she struck out on her own in 2012 with In Loving Arms Pediatric Day Health Center.

    Now, Thomas is preparing her business for its third move, this time to a new 7,500-square-foot facility on Harding Boulevard that she hopes to relocate to by August. 

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