GeoSurfaces becomes turf war player working with Patriots

    In early 2019, the New England Patriots, a six-time Super Bowl champion, resurfaced their Empower Field House indoor practice facility after more than a year of testing various types of turf and vetting companies across the globe to install the massive indoor surface.

    It was a job any major brand name in the artificial turf industry would want. But the Patriots went with a relatively new product called Ironturf, manufactured by GreenFields USA, and installed by its exclusive distribution partner, GeoSurfaces.

    As Business Report details in its new cover package, landing the Patriots facility marked the first big break into the world of professional sports for GeoSurfaces, a small-town company from south Louisiana that has seemingly flown under the radar for years, while building a business empire headquartered 15 miles south of Baton Rouge on an inconspicuous gravel road in St. Gabriel.

    GeoSurfaces started out small, with founder Charles Dawson selling turf from the trunk of his car in the early 2000s, but has grown at break-neck pace since then, installing more than 300 sports fields across Louisiana—everything from recreational parks to Division I colleges—as well as facilities in states such as Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

    By Dawson’s guess, GeoSurfaces has now cornered at least 80% of the region’s market share. The numbers support his claim, boasting 10% to 15% year-over-year revenue growth in each of the past five years.
    This year Dawson expects company revenue to hit the $100 million mark.

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