Employers should take tips from kindergarten in transition back to the office  

    Remember the first day of kindergarten? If you were like many kids, it was likely fraught with emotion, uncertainty, and excitement all at once. According to a recent survey of professionals by organizational consulting firm Korn Ferry, 50% admit they are fearful of going back due to health concerns, even though 75% believe their employer will create a safe and healthy work environment, Fast Company reports. 

    Easing employees back slowly can help, and employers can even take a few tips from kindergarten teachers to prepare their team for a successful transition: 

    Start communication now: In kindergarten, some teachers contact families before the first day of school to calm nerves and help the student know what to expect. Employers should do this, too. Employees want information. If employers don’t give it to them, they’ll find it somewhere else, and that information could be inaccurate. 

    Start on a Wednesday: While it can seem natural to start back on a Monday, starting the first workweek back for employees on a Wednesday can help the transition.  

    Re-onboard everyone: Use the first day back as a chance to fundamentally rethink and re-tether the organization to things that are most important.

    Make the first day back special: Half of employees are looking forward to the camaraderie with colleagues when they return, according to the Korn Ferry survey, and the first day back will likely be filled with some joy in addition to fear. Make it special in whatever way is appropriate for your office. Read the full story. 

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