Digital advertising to surpass print and TV this year

    This year, the money spent on digital advertising in the United States will surpass that spent on traditional ads for the first time ever, according to forecasts by research firm eMarketer.

    The shift, as The Washington Post reports, is a landmark inversion of how advertisers budget their resources, and it highlights the rise of digital media as platforms seek consumers’ attention.

    By year end, eMarketer expects companies to spend nearly $130 billion on digital ads, compared with about $110 billion on traditional advertisements, or about 54.2% of the ad market vs. 46.8%, respectively.  

    The increase in digital ad dollars will come, in part, from sharp declines in key print ad formats including directories such as the Yellow Pages, whose ad spending is predicted to fall by 19%, and the print versions of newspapers and magazines where ad spending is expected to decrease by about 18%, eMarketer says. Ad spending on TV will decline 2.2% this year, to about $71 billion, largely due to the absence of elections and big sports events, such as the Olympics. Read the full story.  

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