Executive Spotlight: Shawn Usher, Sparkhound president and CEO

    Sparkhound’s Shawn Usher (Photo by Don Kadair)

    In December, Sparkhound celebrated 20 years in business and over the past year alone, Sparkhound has seen 24% employee growth under Shawn Usher, the company’s president, CEO and founder, while also continuing to serve hundreds of clients.

    Usher, a Baton Rouge native who’s first job was setting up inflatable bounce houses, says that in some ways his business hasn’t changed at all in the last two decades, Business Report details in its latest Executive Spotlight feature. Sparkhound is still focused on helping business leaders accomplish their goals faster, better and easier using technology.

    Read the full Q&A with Usher, here’s a sample of what you’ll find:

    As a husband and father of four, what’s your strategy for maintaining a healthy work-life balance?

    “I’m not sure that it has ever been in balance but I’m probably closer to it than ever. What has worked best for me over the years is to make the decision to put work on the shelf when I’m not working. That means I’m not checking my phone all weekend and responding to emails. However, when I am working—including when I work a late night or the weekend—I’m all-in on that. In short, be present to whatever you are doing and don’t mix. You are fooling yourself—and no one else—when you try to multi-task work and family.”  

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