Crawfish season is here … and at lower prices

    Crawfish season is here and prices are finally dropping to a level that makes them enjoyable to eat.  

    According to Baton Rouge-based The Crawfish App, which tracks more than 1,175 crawfish prices across the country, the average boiled crawfish price is between $3.99-$4.50 per pound, with the average live crawfish price checking in at roughly $2.99 per pound.

    “Right after Superbowl Sunday, we saw a drop in price of about 50 cents per pound and then another price drop of around $1 per pound this past week,” says Ryan King, co-founder of the app, in an email.

    While approximately one-third of the businesses update their own prices on the app, The Crawfish App employs a call team tp updates the remainder of the prices every Thursday.


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