Companies agonize over reopening timetables as COVID-19 spreads

    Businesses from factories and offices to salons and bars, once hopeful about a smooth reopening this summer, are now grappling with whether to close, stay open or find some in-between as the number of COVID-19 cases increases in dozens of states, including in Louisiana, The Wall Street Journal reports. 

    Apple, which said Friday it would close nearly a dozen stores in four states, said Wednesday it would shut seven more in the Houston area, where cases have doubled so far this month, The Wall Street Journal reports. Restaurants around the country that recently reopened have closed again for anywhere from three days of deep cleaning to two full weeks so staff could self-quarantine after outbreaks. Disney has set, and reset opening dates for its parks in California and Florida.  

    Political leaders have also signaled concerns. In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that the state would delay reopening shopping malls, movie theaters and gyms, while the state’s health department reviews more data about indoor viral transmission.  Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards has delayed the state’s move to the third phase of reopening and said in a news conference Wednesday the state is “headed in the wrong direction” as the coronavirus continues a two-week spike.  

    Some executives and front-line workers are now pushing government officials to require masks. Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak ordered everyone to wear face masks in public starting Friday, including gamblers inside Las Vegas Strip casinos. Las Vegas casino workers earlier this week called on Nevada’s state leaders to require casino customers to wear masks.

    In Texas, one of the earliest states to reopen, several large companies have delayed plans to recall employees, while smaller companies that have restarted sooner are facing myriad financial and physical challenges. Read the full story. 

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