‘Business Report’ Publisher: America needs to heal divisions 

    (Editor’s note: This column was written prior to the Nov. 3 Election Day.)

    Whatever happens in this election, Business Report publisher Rolfe McCollister says half of America will be angry and upset with the outcome. 

    Some may even get violent. That would be a shame no matter who wins. No violence is justified and should be met forcefully to protect people and property, McCollister writes. 

    We all have to accept the outcome of the vote. The ultimate winner will have a big job to unite America and heal the divisions. With the early voting and big Election Day turnout, it seems certain to set a record. That’s positive. Your vote is your voice and we all should be heard.

    Locally, the runoff election date is Dec. 5, so get ready for round two in Baton Rouge.   

    Gallup has been tracking the public’s trust in the media since 1972. The only time it was lower than now was in 2016 (last presidential election), he writes. The high point for trust was 72% in the 1970s. It is now at 40% (with 27% saying “not very much” trust and 33% saying “none at all.”) That is sad but deserved from McCollister’s perspective. Mainstream networks and major newspapers have become blatantly liberal in the stories they choose to publish, or ignore, and the biased wording of headlines is disgraceful.  

    Also in his column, McCollister writes about how he and many others are tired of seeing professional athletes using game days to promote political causes because it takes away from the joy of watching sports and influences vulnerable young people. McCollister adds that there is also much to celebrate right now, including Business Report’s Forty Under 40 winners, the 15 year anniversary of 225 magazine, and all of the ways to give back in the latest edition of The Giving Guide. Read his full column here. Send comments to editor@businessreport.com