Alford: Legislators halfway through special session 

    We’re just about halfway through the calendar year and more than halfway through the first special session of 2020, which must mean we’re halfway to somewhere in Capitoland. 

    We have a regular session under our belts already, but few true policy accomplishments to point to at the moment, writes Jeremy Alford in his new opinion piece. The results are somewhat understandable, considering the Legislature had to shutter operations, just like the rest of the world, when we were introduced to COVID-19.

    But during the time lawmakers did spend working in the regular session, they failed to produce the state’s main budget bills or any policy hallmarks. Those items conservative Republicans could hang their hats on have already been vetoed by the Democratic governor.

    So far there have been nine vetoes from Gov. John Bel Edwards, nearly all with political messages attached for legislative detractors of the administration.  

    Read Alford’s full column for more about how the session is shaping up. 

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