‘225 Dine:’ Peek inside Bao Asian Market

    If looking to give making authentic Asian dishes at home a shot, then Asian markets in Baton Rouge has you covered.

    As 225 details in a new feature, there’s a few one-stop shops for traditional Asian ingredients in Baton Rouge, but that’s not the case for people outside of city. To fill that need, Bao Chau Huynh, co-owner of the restaurant Bao Vietnamese Kitchen on Perkins Road, decided to open a second location with an Asian market in Prairieville.

    “Most of my friends live down here [in Prairieville], and whenever they do their cooking they have to drive all the way to Baton Rouge for something like a bag of bean sprouts,” Huynh says. “It’s about $2 worth of bean sprouts, but they have to spend an hour in traffic. There was definitely a need for the Asian community here.”

    While the shop has only been open for about three weeks, Huynh says the response has been positive. Huynh and her husband have even gone to Houston just to find some specific things customers requested.

    But there are a lot of potential patrons who have never cooked Asian food before, Huynh says. To help draw them in, she is in the process of further expanding by building a side area with recipes and ingredient lists.

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