Baton Rouge sales tax collections rise 3.5% in October

Night view of Baton Rouge and The Mississipi River

At $16.2 million, sales tax collections in East Baton Rouge Parish were up 3.5% in October compared to the $15.7 million tallied during the month last year.

The increase was driven by sales outside the Baton Rouge city limits, where collections, at $7.2 million, were up nearly 10%. Inside the city limits, however, collections dipped by 1% to about $9 million, according to the latest report from the city-parish Finance Department, released today.

The report breaks down collections on vehicle sales, which are typically more volatile than general sales. Those declined 1.8% to $638,800 in Baton Rouge, while they rose 8.6% to $710,600 outside the city limits.

Ten months into the year, total sales and vehicle tax collections in the city-parish stood at $158.3 million, a 1.9% decline compared to the $161.8 million collected through October.

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