Forte and Tablada not moving HQ downtown, selling CBD property

Forte and Tablada Inc. is selling downtown lots it has owned for about five years and keeping its headquarters on Interline Boulevard, instead of moving into Baton Rouge’s central business district.

The engineering and land surveying firm sold the lot at 1029 North Boulevard to its closely held affiliate, F&T Properties BR North LLC for $595,173 on May 13. CEO Russell “Joey” Coco described the sale as, essentially, an intermediate internal move, because the company is still planning to sell the lot along with the others it owns on North Boulevard.

Forte and Tablada acquired several of the lots some five years ago and then purchased more around two years ago. All of Forte and Tablada’s downtown properties have been on the market for about six months, Coco says. 

When it first acquired the property, Forte and Tablada considered putting its main headquarters there, Coco says. But with growth and reinvestments happening on Interline, where Forte and Tablada has been located since the ‘70s, it decided instead to look into and evaluate projects there.

Coco says changes in the company also factored into the decision, as Forte and Tablada now has more trucks than the downtown site would be able to handle.