You’ve earned it: How to fully enjoy the benefits of retirement

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You’ve spent your life working hard to be able to retire, but how can you really make the most of it? Living a happy retired life begins with where you call home. Downsizing offers many benefits, including some you may not have anticipated. With fewer rooms and smaller spaces, you can spend more time on hobbies, recreation, travel or even just resting. Retirees John and Sissy Bateman share how they enjoy their retirement to the fullest.

Calling Baton Rouge home for more than 70 years, John and Sissy Bateman have spent the last few years in retirement soaking up their favorite activities, from gardening in their back yard to traveling the world. But with their future always in mind, the two recently moved to St. James Place to better suit their lifestyle.

John and Sissy Bateman

John met Sissy during Christmas in 1959, hitting it off right away and enduring a long-distance relationship. After nearly 60 years of marriage and with two children living in different parts of the country, John and Sissy thought they would spend the rest of retirement in their gated townhouse community refining their oil painting skills and exploring different countries.

When all was said and done, John and Sissy examined their life and realized they wanted to join a senior living community before the possibility of declining health hindered them from fully enjoying all the benefits. “We are both currently in good health,” John says. “But at our ages, we didn’t want to wait and chance that we might not be eligible for independent living.”

After thoughtful consideration to their situation, they knew that as a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), St. James Place was the home for them. As a CCRC, St. James Place incorporates a Life Plan that allows residents to move seamlessly among different levels of care if the need arises. Knowing that assisted living and nursing care are available at a moment’s notice was comforting to John and Sissy as they made their decision.

Now, not only do their out-of-state children have peace of mind that their parents are well cared for, but the couple is still able to enjoy their favorite activities while indulging in an all-inclusive lifestyle. And for those considering a retirement home, John and Sissy agree: “Make the decision while your health is good, so you can fully enjoy the benefits of retirement and living at St. James Place.”

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