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Latest Baton Rouge food truck getting ready to roll with gourmet french fries

The newest food truck to hit Baton Rouge, gourmet french fry vendor Frybaby, is completing the last few steps before it starts its fryers to serve up cheesy, salty creations in Tigerland.

The food truck is the creation of LSU general business juniors Morgan Daigle and Victoria Waguespack, and it will offer several variations of waffle fries covered in cheese and other toppings, as well as dessert options.

The student-entrepreneur duo say they got their custom truck outfitted with license plates on Tuesday and are in the process of signing a contract with one of the bars in Tigerland off Nicholson Drive to lease parking lot space for Frybaby. The truck has already passed its state health inspection.

“We plan on opening in the next two weeks,” Daigle says. “We have one 40-pound fryer, but we’re probably going to need to buy another.”

Frybaby’s business plan will bring food to the bars, Waguespack and Daigle say. The menu will include the original Frybaby, which is topped with cheese and chives, while the Crybaby will feature jalapeños and sour cream. The Bakin’ Baby will have baked potato-style toppings; the Get Dirty Baby will be covered in chili and cheese. There will also be customizable options, as well as a dessert option with powdered sugar-covered donut holes and chocolate toppings.

Waguespack says the inside of the truck is streamlined to make producing the french fry dishes quick and easy, with the cheese melter near the window so customers can see their fries as they cook. The women’s families have invested in the business to help pay for the truck and get Frybaby up and running.

“We want to make it fun and enjoyable,” Waguespack says. “We will hopefully set up a table and chairs near the truck and have music playing. We want everyone to be able to see from the outside how their fries are made.”

Frybaby will also be on LSU’s campus for football game days this fall, Waguespack says.

—Deanna Narveson

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