b1BANK: A work environment that meets challenges and creates opportunities

Headquartered in Baton Rouge, Business First Bank was founded in 2006 as a bank of choice for community businesses and entrepreneurs offering custom solutions and technology-driven products. Now known as b1BANK, the company has stayed true to this legacy and has grown to over 42 banking centers and more than 600 employees. The company culture is built on specific principles that empower employees to make decisions and guide their interactions with each other, with customers, and with their communities.

b1BANK strives to maintain successful relationships with co-workers and customers through continued effort and dedication. Seasoned bankers practice thoughtful and disciplined decision-making in order to be relied upon as key advisors and experts in their field.  The work environment is centered around applying knowledge and best practices to meet challenges and create opportunity. Communication, transparency and the sharing of ideas ensures growth for the organization. Employees are rewarded in many ways, including promotions, leadership opportunities, mentor and community champion designations, recognition in internal communications, and an annual bonus opportunity.

When the pandemic hit, the company was in the middle of an acquisition process with Pedestal Bank and had to quickly adjust its plans for system conversion, rebranding of banking centers and onboarding of 200-plus employees. The team learned to be transparent about challenges, adopt new modes of communication, and be open to creative ways to service customers and support employees. Even while working remotely, the company successfully completed the merger with minimal disruption.


500 Laurel St.
Baton Rouge, LA 70801