Will these houses make the 10 most expensive home sales list for 2021?

    While the most expensive home sold in Baton Rouge in 2020 went for $3.6 million—no small thing in a mid-sized market, where high-end homes seldom fetched more than $2 million a decade ago—the highest-priced sale for 2021 could be twice that amount or more. 

    That’s because several high-end homes currently listed for sale in the market are priced well above $5 million. They include a 6-acre estate in the Country Club of Louisiana with a nearly $7 million price tag, a 6-acre estate in Whitehaven with a nearly $8 million asking price, and the 12.5-acre compound on Highland Road once owned by Paula Pennington de la Bretonne, which has been listed for sale for $14 million since fall 2019.

    As the latter example illustrates, just because a one-of-a-kind mansion with beautifully groomed acreage and an on-site guesthouse or two is available doesn’t mean it will sell quickly. Residential properties in this market with price tags of $5 million, $10 million or more can take months or years to sell, says Quita Cutrer, who is currently listing all three of the properties mentioned above. 

    It takes a special kind of buyer,” she says.

    But those buyers do come along from time to time and the reasonable affordability of Baton Rouge enables them to get a lot of bang for their bucks.

    Whether any of the top-dollar properties currently listed for sale will change hands this year—and at anywhere near their current asking price—remains to be seen. But they all serve as stunning reminders of what the local market has to offer for those able to take advantage of it. 

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