The Relationship Institute relocating to Government Street, expanding services

    A Zachary-based counseling business is moving to Government Street and expanding its services to include coaching for corporate executives and businesses.

    Maria Shantell Williams, who founded the business in 2014, says she wanted to relocate to a central part of Baton Rouge so she could expand her business’ umbrella to reach more agencies. Previously, the institute focused on providing counseling services to community organizations, individuals and families.

    Along with the expansion of services, Williams also plans to hire seven additional coaches and licensed mental health professionals, expanding her staff from three to 10 before the end of the year. Overall, she’s aiming for the expansion to double her annual revenue.

    Williams signed a lease with Mathew Laborde with Elifin Realty for a 1,668-square-foot building across the street from GD Barbeque and hopes to be open by mid March.


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